Evolve your Organization by Decentralizing Workforce.


We are a blockchain as a solutions company which develops decentralized autonomous infrastructure enabling the Talent-Pool ecosystem. It is designed to create ecosystem to reward the contributors based on their skill through our home-grown algorithm Proof-of-Value.

Why Decentralize?

We know that businesses are constantly evolving with decentralization throughout world, and we here at exelis help you keep at pace with that. It helps in building:



Proof-Of-Value (PoV)

Proof-Of-Value (PoV) is the core secret sauce which helps us create well structured Decentralized Autonomous Infrastructure. PoV is the algorithm which creates a mechanism where depending on the work done and rating of every user calculated, the system would allocate tokens to the user.

So here proof of value would be stated as depending on the current rating of the user which is equivalent to the value or quality of work done by the user , the system will use this to allocate tokens varying with users considering all the parameters.


  • The Proof-of-Value will ensure that reward goes to the right person creating trust in the system.
  • The PoV principle encourages everyone to contribute rather than to speculate.
  • In the PoV system, we Gamify the work environment, so members are inclined to participate more in the projects.
  • The PoV system ensures that the value is shared between the users rather than just owned.
  • The PoV eliminates bureaucracy in an organization.

Use Case

B2B: Decentralized Autonomous Open Organization (DAOO)

It is an organization that is run through rules encoded as computer programs called smart contracts. In an centralized organization we are decentralizing the internal operations enabling a Open environment.

B2C: Peer-to-Peer Project Execution Platform

It’s a platform for developers triggered by smart contracts, where they would be rewarded based on their level of effective contribution on the task performed on the platform

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